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Sunday, March 8, 2015

SH fandom petition; CP con and more!

Good things for Sherlock fandom and the fandot... or in the immortal words of the Firefly fandom:  Can't stop the signal.

First, a petition asking the BBC to put the Sherlock 2014 special ep on the big screen worldwide was started by German fans.

And there's a Cabin Pressure con in Berlin.

Wanna see how far this screening petition goes?

The second such con, in fact.  8)  Looks like it travels -- just like the lemon!

April Sherlock cons include 221B in Atlanta, GA (10-12 April 2015).

Sherlocked the Convention, originally planned for 2014 in the UK, rescheduled for April 2015.  The official con website is updated now.

Fans who can't make Sherlocked that weekend, and/or prefer an online con, the free Unlocked Con will also be held 24-26 April 2015.

(If you don't have a tumblr account, here's what FP says about participating in Unlocked Con.)

No info yet on when/where the 2015 Sherlocked the Convention will be in the USA.

Fandom mashups... in this case, of SH and Elementary for the win.  :D

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