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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Unlocked Con: free. :)

You can't make the Sherlocked con?  Nor can I.  Which applies to most of fandom, I expect.

But tumblr's Final Problem is hosting a free online party that same weekend, April 24-26.  You can still hang out with fellow fans at Unlocked: The Unofficial Sherlock PJ Party!

This is for ALL Sherlock fans anywhere.

Some fans plan to attend both Sherlocked and Unlocked, for that matter.  :D

Check out the Unlocked tumblr for more details, including schedule and activities.

I think this is wicked awesome.  I don't have a tumblr (and I'll be away that weekend, sadly) but my heart's with everyone.

Unlocked sounds like lots of fun!!

If you have a tumblr, please reblog this Unlocked post and/or ping anyone on this list that you know.  Many thanks!

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