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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Scattered setlock.

It looks like Douglas is having a problem with the signs now that filming's over... while Ruther2 has figured out what WIM stands for [not!].

A few more pics from 8-Feb: On the Set of the Sherlock...

And these pics of Ben, Martin, and Amanda are from Bath via tumblr.  A clearer shot of Amanda here.  Another shot of Ben in costume via tumblr and Twitter.

Funny pic of Martin in costume.

It wasn't Lestrade... the Tweet links to tumblr; note that a pic of Rupert is included at end of post.

Via the Three Patch spoilercast:
a fairly major plot spoiler
something about the slates and technical matters (NOT spoilers)
Xmas special speculation inspired by one part of Den of Geek's 111 things You Might not Know About Sherlock Season 3.

This should be my final setlock post for the Xmas special.  At least as collecting setlock goes.

FYI:  Posts about s4 speculation are in the works; these will often (but not always) involve SH Spesh setlock.  They'll be marked as such when that happens, of course, but may be things you've already seen.  Or maybe not.  Time will tell!

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