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Friday, November 8, 2013

Bit of MorMor shipping.

Shipping.  Do not subscribe -- BUT.

If a writer can get me to disregard that, get me to play along with the story, then it's a win.  Particularly if the writing just plain works.

For example:  Fanart ficlet that starts with 'Seb from PR.'

That is my kind of Seb.  And Dear Jim fits.  Found via the great mystradedoodles mormor tag.

This fic is set before The Pool, in case you're wondering.  8)

S2 (Reichenbach) SPOILERS after the break!  

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Recent s3 news!

Two sides of the coin:  The official BBC image for Sherlock s3.  Then The Woman's interpretation of same.

Well, three -- here is the view from the other side.  I believe this would count as setlock, wouldn't it?

Here's the press release/news about the first official image, with some bitty spoilers, from Hartwood Films. 

Thoughts about Mycroft on Guy Fawkes Day, Bonfire Day, in Sherlock: Gunpowder, Mycroft and Plot.

And oh!  The lucky sods in London will get not only a premiere of s3e1 next month, BUT they also get a question-and-answer session with some of the cast!!!

So 15-December-2013 will be a big HUGE day in Sherlock fandom.

I wonder if that means the UK will get to see all of s3 before New Year's Day?  We still don't know, the BBC has not yet announced airdates.

Monday, November 4, 2013

I promised you setlock.

Setlock, can you keep us until January?

This must be the kiss-off.  I mean...

Anyone else would just look silly.  How can Ben look adorable and silly and it be more the first thing??

These two... that is all.

Some photosets of Martin (mostly) between takes; and them both in the last setlock.  FYI:  The cab shots are hard to see inside their windows! and so are the pics here in more setlock.