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Saturday, May 25, 2013

There she blows! More setlock.

I'm not going to rate how spoilery these are because they're generally linked together, mixing anything from minor to major spoilers.  Also not everyone notices, even if using the setlock tag, just how spoilery a pic may be.

Non-spoilery photos of setlock?  Sherlock stars spotted filming in...

A certain set and folks discussing what it is.

Two pics of Ben/Sherlock from londonphile.

Moments in setlock:  The purple shirt.  Ben as Sherlock crossing road.  Silver-eyed Sherlock in Sign of Three all dolled up for you-know-what!  Nothing new but very pretty, better known as our wedding party (and speculation about Harry).  8)

In Cardiff, Ben as Sherlock and Martin as John [costumed but not in character].  A few seconds of Ben waving to fans on set.

Remember That Guy, the one that I don't mention by name in my setlock posts?  They saw him!

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