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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sherlock for Xmas 2013???

We expect that the UK will... but the States possibly getting Sherlock s3 for Christmas too?

Wouldn't that be a fantastic gift from the BBC and PBS?  If you're in the USA, do what Ben says... write Rebecca Eaton at WGBH!

So here's three pieces of visual candy as carrots.  And I said 'dangerous' and here you are.  Sherlock before the 221B window incident in s2e1.

Your third piece?  This is my official picture for Cumberkisses.  Just in case you needed them from Ben.  (Shot is probably from rooftop filming RF s2e3, not s3.)

Per Steve Lawes, as of 16-May-13 they had five days to go for s3e2.  So now would be a good time to write Rebecca Eaton and your local PBS station!!

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