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Sunday, May 19, 2013

A taste of setlock.

Setlock.  Of course there wasn't enough, was there?  ;)

The Holmes Boys in costume, but very much out of character.  Don't they look grand?

Also in costume, minor setlock of Ben -- and this pic of Martin smiling.

Oh-- Cardiff is gonna be major setlock day on 21st!  So keep your eyes out, eh?

Doesn't Sherlock clean up nicely in that outfit!  Must be That Episode, don't you think?  Yes, the one that makes something like 50-75 percent of the fandom cry.  THAT ep.

In fact... from one of your big sources of setlock pics comes this of our lads posing with Herself.  :D  Yeah, if you didn't know about the places on tumblr (about which I might write a post someday) to find setlock, you can always hit up certain UK newspapers.

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