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Friday, May 17, 2013

"Reblog if you love Amanda Abbington..."

I realize some fans take this very personally.  I'm sorry for 'em.  Considering what Holmes fanboys Mark and Steven are, I find it extremely unlikely this will change John and Sherlock's friendship.

And please remember we knew the three words -- Rat, Wedding, Bow -- a long time ago.  You may consider this spoilery.  If so, stop here.

She's our Amanda too.  Please pass this on and do NOT be one of the haters!  C'mon, anyone who can't separate Martin's own beloved partner from John Watson's needs to step back and take some deep breaths.

I'm not saying you have to love something in a story that doesn't work for you.  Just don't take it out on actors who are doing their jobs.

Many thanks.

Psssst.  Amanda says Putting Sherlock... her part's done as she's got another gig, but the rest of the cast is still filming as of Tuesday.

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