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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

BBC's Cabin Pressure.

A lovely Tweep sent me this listing for Cabin Pressure!

'Cabin Pressure': Why you should listen to BBC Radio 4's comedy gem.

First, do you have feels?  I bet you do.  Sherlock is still filming for season 3, and maybe you slaked your needs by rewatching s1 and s2.  Which gave you feels.  Or maybe you haunt setlock (which seems to be REALLY popular here when I post it, hmmmm!).

You definitely want funnies then.

If the clip from "Rotterdam" doesn't make you laugh, I shall be amazed and shocked.  But I bet it will.  I pinched it from Digital Spy.  I read one CP transcript  ("Johannesburg") and then "Boston" and was hooked.

If you can't get the mp3s, go to Cabin Pressure Fans.  They'll help you, because the three current series of CP are extremely inexpensive.  8)

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