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Friday, August 2, 2013

Brand new setlock.

Yep.  More setlock.  Fresh off the sets!

Mild and probably safelock:  "I'm eating, again! Yeah, you, John, look!"  Ben smiling, monochrome; I love how it says "Costume" on the coat.  Ben in that same "costume" wavingBen dressed as SH but not in character... hopefully with his food at last

A pure Cumberbatched shot.

A bit more spoilery:  Ben, is that your costume today?  Ben waving, looks like he's in front of building Martin's in next...

It's definitely time for Martin now:  John framed in a pretty settingA little closer, while Martin's got his shades.  Same place, with more details -- tsk, tsk, John! 

Pssst!  If you snag pics anywhere, please attribute the source, from tumblr, Twitter, the artist, whoever.  I try to leave them linked to whoever either posted 'em or the originator, if I know.  Don't be a taker, PLEASE.  None of these are ever mine.  Thank you to every fan who shares.

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