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Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Cumberbatch, manips, etc.

So did you hear about the new name for the Cumberbatched fandom?  No?

He doesn't want us to use that other word.  Then someone got a really clever idea, a new play on words -- and his name

Here's other tumblr users replying to that post.  Fans are responding well.  Such as good night... sweet cumberdreams.  And I am...

Manips:  The picture manipulations -- aka "manips" -- often drive fans crazy.  The marvelous Silvia has made a master post of manips on her tumblr.

If you see these pics, you've been had.  I know I've fallen for a few of them myself.

Beware, s2 and s3 spoilers!  

Buzzfeed wants to tell you the 12 Traits of a True "Sherlock" Fan.

Sherlock in 221B after the tables are turned in Scandal.

And for season 3, here's a quick audio summary about Charles Augustus Milverton, the canon villain.  Really curious about what our Charles will be like.  His surname is driving me crazy.  And Twitter already has Charles Augustus Magnussen RP -- fast work, fandom!

One last spoiler, or really a semi-spoiler, for those who have been snoozing in an opium den... 

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