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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Before s3, more setlock.

I can't say this is truly minor.  Proceed as if it isn't.  So beware indeed!

Except there's safelock (light to no spoilers) and there's setlock... hmmm.

Collection of setlock pics.

Setlock has got a little crazy.  John seems (major spoiler!).

Oh, Sherlock, stop making that face and just do the stunt!

Safelock:  Sherlock... Stop being so beautiful already.  Smiling Ben, how we miss you!  Except for the shades, Ben's very Sherlock.  Juan Watson.

Probably also safelock:  Sherlock looking out the door of 221B and our lads in costume (with crew or new cast?); also from 21-May per deareje, Martin and Ben.  What Ben did today (no images).  8)

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