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Friday, July 26, 2013

Some spoilers... and monkeys.

More from SDCC... MTV Geek's interview from Comic-Con of Sue Vertue and Mofftiss.

No actual spoilers inside that link.

The video version -- watching Ben and the monkey! -- is priceless.  Buzzfeed has that (and it's the same link from my previous SDCC post).  Despite what you might think... they're just messing with you and me  8D

Not sure where to find Ben this year?  Here's the 2013 movies he'll be in, thanks to Lokke and tumblr.

Cumberbatched moment:  Miss Marple and Luke (played by Ben).

Mark wishes Sherlock... uh, Ben, happy birthday

Here be spoilers!  for both s2 and s3...

In the Sherlock season 2 spoiler zone, Mycroft and John.

But here's the audio-only spoilers for s3 from the Comic-Con panel about Sherlock... yes, for season 3, no kidding!

And Mark also tells us what ep3 is called [link corrected].  I can see the s3 finale will be a killer. 

For a giggle, here's the first official promo s3 pic from Empire Magazine.  I love the caption!

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