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Monday, September 16, 2013

Never ever enough setlock, eh?

A perfect word picture of safelock/setlock.  Bless!

Safelock:  Short break between takes.  Pics of Ben.  Ben looking into distance, sunglasses reflecting something...  Laughing 21-Aug-13; same picture is crisper in Tweet.  Martin taking a snack break.

More fans behind Ben (in his spoiler-costume).  John shouting into the doorway.  Both our boys.  Unusual expression for Ben, IFO Speedy's.  A lovely lot from the fabulous queen of setlock, deareje.  Tweeted here if you want to RT.  What's in that cup, Sherlock?

View of the huge setlock crowds on 21-Aug-13; yep, that's Ben/SH wayyyy down there.

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