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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Vote for BBC Sherlock LEGOs (and NTA 2014)!

Sherlock LEGO set.  You know you want it!  Here's the SherLEGO tag at Sherlockology.

To vote and get LEGO to make them, visit their website.  They won't make it without 10,000 supporters; today the LEGO team left a comment applauding BBC Sherlock fans for reaching 5,000.  8)

And strangely enough, the current supporter count is 6,892.  (It was 6,841 when I began writing this post less than forty minutes ago.)  We can definitely pass 10,000 before the 6-January-2014 deadline!  Voting open to anyone.

Moriarty was added 16-Sept-13.

(FYI, this would be Martin Freeman's second LEGO character, since his Bilbo has already unlocked the LEGO achievement with The Hobbit.)

And in case LEGOs weren't enough, both Ben and Martin have been nominated individually in TV Detectives at the National Television Awards 2014.  Voting open to UK fans -- so please vote!

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