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Sunday, September 15, 2013

"This is your living, Sherlock."

Did you want screen caps from the BBC One trailer?  How about gifs?  Because tumblr has gifs.

Here, the s3 quote is superimposed over s1 and s2 screen caps; warning, probable feels!  Order is Scandal, Study, Baskerville, Study.

I think it's really cool that Team Sherlock likes to send out Tweets, comments, pics -- you name it -- to tease fandom.  Okay, maybe it's just that I enjoy the entertainment factor.  8)  Because I'm a twisted person, eh?

Final Problem also notes that although Ben WANTS the States to get Sherlock simultaneously as the UK, it is not within his power.  See the May 2012 (!) Masterpiece video itself.  It's 47 minutes long, so settle in with a beverage and some snacks.

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