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Friday, September 13, 2013

Herrings versus s3 spoilers.

To celebrate the fact that Team Sherlock is combating setlock for s3 ep1 -- yes, they are! -- here's the short video about filming fake scenes.  I suspect a red herring hunt will be big come s4... and maybe while we await s3.

Spoilers for s2... and s3?

Call Me, Maybe by toujourswhitney; this fan vid involves feels!

Because I love the fan vid ("Call Me, Maybe") that goes with this tumblr post, and have the same problem with the lyrics now... thought I'd share the pain.  Joy.  Whatever.

Thanks, fandom!  Music trauma by fan vids... perfect.  Nah, I've actually become a fan of songs I never would've heard otherwise.  I can handle some trauma.  8)

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