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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Videos via SDCC, RT and TIFF.

ComicCon Sherlock panel on YouTube!  Thanks to Sherlockology for the link.

Direct YouTube link to the SDCC panel here just in case.  Published by Masterpiece PBS, clocking in at over 42 minutes; another vid to get your snacks and settle in for!

Golden Globes' interview of Ben at TIFF, but the sound is really quiet; another interviewer who isn't on the ball and making sure we can hear!  Different from the red carpet TIFF interview posted recently.

Benedict Cumberbatch talks Sherlock, The Fifth Estate and The Imitation Game in new video interview at Radio Times.

The Imitation Game is the biopic about Alan Turing.  Ben's interview in The Hollywood Reporter 20-Sept-13.

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