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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Some s2 speculation.

Because Great Game naturally leads you straight to Scandal... they're together.  8)

Spoiler zone if you have not seen s2!

Scandal, ahhh, lovely SiB.  You want to have a bit of thought about Scandal, don't you?  Of course you do!

Mycroft's emergency "big brother" look, with captioned screen caps.

A ticket... or the Holmes brothers' strange communication code.

How the hell did I never notice?

Great Game/TGG:  Kids, knighthoods, and other Mycroftian (and brotherly) questions.  Also includes Scandal.  :)  TGG photoset of Mycroft and John.

But since these two eps are connected all the way to Reichenbach, let us go to our darling Moriarty...  and I owe you.

My take on Moriarty saying "I owe you a fall" from drinkingcocoa's Livejournal in Feb. 2013.  (Includes Harry Potter references.)  Her commenters also remark about IOU here.

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