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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Setlock, oh YEAH.

The Hat.  Grinning, Sherlock still wearing the Hat and his new blue scarf too.

A not too pleased Sherlock on Baker Street.  Gotta stop letting Sherlock go in there, I tell you; see, even John agrees!

I don't think you're SUPPOSED to do that to your face, Martin.  This, now, that's better (monochrome).  Maybe.  Even more setlock pics here.

Setlock or safelock -- or just plain Batched?  You decide!  Monochrome, in costume but almost too Ben [smiling] than Sherlock (still lovely!).  Smiling safelock of Ben as SH and also here from the side.

Deductions and speculation [really!] plus setlock pictures, which may prove too spoilery for some readers.  I just skimmed this, but I'd already seen some of it.  Also includes some of the images seen in the BBC s3 trailer.

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