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Friday, October 25, 2013

Immortal words: "Get to work on that, internet."

And they were written by none other than Benedict Cumberbatch himself.

I kid you not.  Go thee and look up his Reddit AMA chat; here's the synopsis at Geekiary.  Expect to find plenty of sass and also his trademark intelligence.

Yes, the little picture really says:  "Hi Reddit! Ask me... anything...?!? X"

I made the picture extra large so you could read that, but just in case you cannot, it's deliberate.  8)

If you want to be really confused, go read his answers here, in a list, without knowing what questions he was answering.  [This is also fun and slightly less time-consuming than reading it all, probably, but only slightly.]  Click on "context" if you want to read the question.

If you are at work, school, or somewhere (ANYwhere) that you need your brain, do NOT click on this, the first question and answer.  Wait until you're home!

Trust me, your computer screen will thank you.  Also the roads, your lungs, and very possibly your environment.

You looked, didn't you?  Here...

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