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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Of course we don't really know, it's setlock!

Setlock... which is why even when we see any, we're filled with more questions about what's going on.  Or not going on, as the case may be...

Because you know and I know that we have LOTS.  And then what shall we do after they shoot ep3?

'Cause we can't be standing outside Speedy's like fans are here.

Be aware that ALL OF THIS is spoiler territory.  

No fooling.
You click links, you have sealed your own fate, my dears. 

I like how Den of Cin lists this as "Jawn will never recognize me now." AS IF, Sherlock, as if!  (This is also known as Sherlock and his new hat, so don't be surprised to find it tagged differently.)

Lestrade's new shades.

Sherlock standing in the outer door at 221B.  Sherlock, with John in background. Sherlock posing somewhere, but the colors aren't right for what I think it is.

Our lads sitting on a bench, in costume, not in character.  :D

In the same outfits -- gif set.  Note that I do not know which ep this is exactly; it's probably ep2, but it may be ep1.

That Guy being deliberately provocative, I'm sure, and definitely while posing here.  8)

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