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Monday, March 25, 2013

What setlock is; my spoiler policy.

Today the tag "setlock" came up on Twitter.  I'm sure it's on tumblr too.

This post explains it:  #Setlock, or How We Can Survive as a Fandom For The Next Few Months.  Also refer to the Baker Street Babes on spoilers, I pray you.

Here's Benedict's message to fandom as well.  This link is just the image, in case you'd like to repost it.

If you have a policy on spoilers, do tell others.  Me, I don't want to be spoiled.  They've built the set, they're filming Sherlock.  That makes me happy.  I want it all to go smashingly well.

I won't kill anyone or yell for being spoiled, mind you.

But I want to not know anything.  I want to be surprised and have my first viewing of season 3 without knowing anything -- for it to be fresh.  Just as I was for my first viewings of season 1 and 2.

Thanks!!  Do please pass the information along, will you?  Also... Happy second week of filming, my dears!

ETA 29-July-2013:  I ended up getting sucked into setlock pics soon after writing this originally; but I do tag them here, and mask spoilers.


  1. Hmm.. i was spoiled. I've watched it on youtube.
    Oh god, I couldn't stand it.
    Help me.

  2. I can't imagine. I would be spoiled eventually.
    By the time they air the series 3 in UK or US, i would be spoiled.
    Cause I don't know, when series 3 will be aired in Asia. Maybe about 4 months after the first aired.
    Help me, Anne :(

  3. Wow... I don't know either. But the UK had s2 in January 2012, and PBS didn't have Sherlock until May.

    I remember that I was hanging out with other Sherlockians on Twitter by May, and Germany got s2 a week or two after USA. Reichenbach trended the night Germany got it.

    Sounds like Asia may get s3 the same time as USA then.

    =huggles= I think I might buy s3 on DVD when it comes out so I don't lose my mind.