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Friday, August 9, 2013

Anglo Fan Favorites 2013!

So... here's the plan.  Let us sweep Martin into the next stage at Anglo Fan Favorites!

Benedict Cumberbatch is up against Magneto (Sir Ian) and, thus far, doing pretty well.

Sadly, Andrew Scott suffered a surge; he was matched with Matt Smith last round, and apparently Whovians noticed.

Now Martin Freeman is versus Matt Smith.  John and Bilbo; Martin's our Geek Prince, he should get to the semifinals!  He got third place in 2012 -- so we can do this!

Tonight Martin is behind Matt by around 10%.

So please vote and reblog and retweet and vote again!  You can vote every hour.

(Sorry, I do not watch New Who, so although I feel for fans who feel torn in this, I just want our Sherlock and John to win this round -- and the next too!  Which would mean they'd be against each other eventually, but we can't have everything.)

This round closes at 15-August-13 at 11am Eastern.  Thanks!!!

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