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Friday, May 10, 2013

The short film Little Favour.

Little Favour is the short film starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Nick Moran.

Indiegogo is where they're raising money for the indie film.  (It's a nonprofit.)  They smashed through their initial goal quickly -- huzzah, Cumbercollective!

If you want to pledge, you've got until 17-May-13, 11.59pm, Pacific Time.  They were at £65,600 last I saw.

Adam Ackland is one of the producers.  8)  If you watch his Twitter feed, he'll tell you when it's to be filmed [first week of June 2013] and where.

Do spread this around, if you please, on Twitter, tumblr, and to every Cumberfan you know.  Many thanks!

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