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Thursday, September 5, 2013

BBC 4 airing Cabin Pressure.

In case you've wanted to hear Cabin Pressure, the lovely BBC Radio 4 has been playing the eps.  I've been listening to series 1.

Each ep is available for one week.

I was reading the transcripts first, but I found that I want to hear later eps without knowing what's happening.  (Although this does NOT spoil s1e1 Abu Dhabi in any way -- it's a scream either read or heard!)  You probably don't want to do anything else the first time you hear Cabin Pressure.  When I read Abu Dhabi, I laughed so hard I cried.

And I find it really hard to stop listening, I just keep hitting replay...

Right now they're on s1e4:  Douz.  Funny Douz!  So far Abu Dhabi and Douz are my favorites.  I expect once I've heard more eps, I'll have lots more favorites.  So will you.  Geronimo!

Many thanks to the CP fan site, the BBC, and to my Tweeps who wisely persuaded me to try this show.  It's BRILLIANT.

Go buy CP so you can listen over and over!  Each series is less than US$10 or about £5.49 as of now.  There are currently four series of Cabin Pressure.  Psst!  You can also buy CP swag from RedBubble on the fan site.  :)

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