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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Benedict, with a side helping of SH and Frankenstein.

Why there's nothing as gorgeous as a geek -- about Benedict (cover picture) and other top geeks. 

A 2011 interview about Parade's End.  A 2010 Esquire interview (called "Nice shirt, Sherlock") with Benedict that I'd missed. 

A new collection of Sherlock Holmes stories -- not by Conan Doyle, but by current authors. 

Amsterdam is getting to see Frankenstein again!!  Do check your area too, just in case. 

November screening of Sherlock 2 in NYC. 

Cumberbatched moments.   From The Last Enemy.  Benedict looking quite sharp, all in black.  A collection:  Nine flavors of BatchLovely Benedict on the divan (what do you mean you don't flirt, sir??).  Remember that Harpers Bazaar interview?  Here's a photoset

Picture off the promotional poster for the Media Festival Masterclass in Edinburgh.

So, are YOU enjoying the first annual Sherlock Holmes Week?  There's a lot going on; make sure you see if your area's doing anything!  Or... start your own party.  I'm going to do a Sherlock marathon myself.  :D

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