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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sherlock rewatches via Twitter.

Anyone on Twitter tonight -- or tomorrow, depending on your time zone -- is welcome to join those of us watching either TBB s01e02, or possibly SiB s02s01.

This is planned for about midnight my time, or two hours from now.  :D

Tuesday's Sherlock rewatch will be starting as follows; again, check your time zone if you'd like to play/watch with.  I don't think we've settled on what eps we're doing.  I've seen everything in PBS versions, and 5 of the 6 eps on DVD, i.e., the full Sherlock eps.

Probably Study s01e01 will be on Tuesday at 2pm EDT.

Here's a clock/time zone converter if you need to figure out your time zone compared to mine

That will be 7-August-12, or 8-August if you're in the Eastern Hemisphere.

Feel free to pipe up, either here in comments, or on Twitter [or both!] and suggest what should be watched. 

I also plan on watching Reichenbach, s02s03, most likely on 27-August, probably around 2pm EDT.  I'll plot that more on Twitter as we get closer to month-end, however.  :)

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