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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Post number 70.

(So yeah... if I end up scribbling down some quick thoughts here and there... you know now that I couldn't not do it.  Besides, the last post was number 69, so obviously I need to post another...)

Linkage to come in future days, less than 14 now.  :)

ETA on 20-July-2012:

This post looks lonely without links in it, so I'll paste in ones that I can't look at until my rationing's over.  (Unless I misbehave and use my tablet to peek.  Hmmm.)

This means if there ARE spoilers, I do not know.  So beware after this point.  

Something from one of the Sherlock RPs.  [Link broken as of December 2013.]  Pretty sure it was about Benedict's birthday, but... cannot see until my block's removed--!  Another mystery image, this one off tumblr.

Benedict in his bright blue suit.

Back when Sherlock was gaming Molly in Blind Banker:  Sherlock's expression transformed into a poster by queerandroid.  [Link broken as of December 2013.]

And a rerun -- if you hadn't seen this lovely interview off Cumberbatchweb, it is well worth reading.  Several times.  Caitlin Moran: My Love Affair with Sherlock.  Certainly I have!

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