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Monday, July 16, 2012

Hiatus through 30-July: radio silence.

Okay, I have to go on hiatus for the next fortnight, which means this blog will go (ETA to correct: MOSTLY) silent. 

I will miss doing this terribly.  I enjoy storing Sherlock links.  But I can restart my fan-blogging when my work's been delivered.  

Anyone who wants to send me Sherlock links on Twitter is welcome, or you can leave them here in comments if you like.  I can't promise anything will be posted sooner than 31-July, however.  Sorry!

I'm also blocking my access to Twitter (and tumblr and LJ) for all but 30 minutes a day, starting today.

There's a few reasons for both the Tweet diet and the dormant blog:

1]  I have a freelance project due in two weeks.  I need to get it done.  Absolutely must.

2]  It's not just Twitter (and the ever-lovely Sherlock fandom) that's been distracting me.  :)

I've also got a work-related trip coming up -- a working vacation, if you like -- the end of August.  So I've been doing things like luggage shopping and other travel plans.

3]  I tend to work nights and sleep days.  This is not what most people do.  Since our neighbor is building a house next door, you can imagine how poorly I've been sleeping.  Plus, I have insomnia on/off.

I happen to get more work done at night, and I prefer night anyway, but this doesn't change the way the world works.  

Anyone who's been reading, please do keep doing thingsVote for Lara at Anglo; that ends on Benedict's birthday -- this Thursday in fact, 19-July.

We wanted to get #WeLoveBenedictCumberbatch trending on Twitter for Thursday.  Go for it!

The cancer charity project for Benedict's birthday is 428% past its target goal...  And you have until 31-July to join the Martin Freeman project.

Plus, if you hadn't voted for Sherlock and Mal Reynolds as TV's Best Bad Boy, hurry.  You can only vote once (yes, I've tried more, sue me).

Catch... you... later!


  1. Okay, not much for the silence at all. Damn. I am not blocking Blogger, that might mess up other things, even though I could justify blocking this blog through 30-July.

    Considering that this experiment is a technology "lock" that I have the key to, hmmm.