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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Almost ALL swag, spoilers, Lara up for Anglo.

I want a Sherlock shirt.  So, although I'll probably use the fantastic HF Fangirl image, since its creator gave me permission... I was looking at RedBubble.

RedBubble... oodles of swag!  Starting with someone else's Reichenbach Support Group!  :)

Cumberbatched set: 
Get Cumberbatched -- OCD -- Addiction -- HF Fangirl (variation) -- (descriptive Batch shirt) -- Eggs... sort of -- Batch variations -- Cumberhugs! -- Cumberbatched -- Benedict drawing -- Peter Guillam.

Sherlock's message plan -- Sherlock texting John and GL in Study -- the (in)famous psychopath line.

Keep Calm... -- Series 3 -- Sherlock quotes -- Moriarty's threat.

Sherlock Society quiz -- joke between Martin and Benedict -- Bandersnatch Cummerbund.

More swag after the break!

After this point: Spoilers for season/series 2 until the final two paragraphs!

SPOILERS for Reichenbach:  My Best Friend Went to Reichenbach Falls...

SPOILERS for Baskerville:  What Sherlock avoids expressing...  Also, for my many shipper friends, here is a Very Shippy Johnlock holiday card, plus a Bogus Journey.  

Sherlock portrait and by same artist, SPOILERS for Scandal:  outside morgue.  Also from Scandal, IA's messages: Text 1 and Text 2.  Note the Sherlock calendar, which does contain visual spoilers

Both inside the spoiler zone, there's a little bit of tumblr.  :)

Baker Street Babes announces the first Sherlock musical -- yay fandom! -- based on Scandal. 

If anyone's interested in a fan art prompt, I'd love for someone to make a poster called "Cumber all the Things!" in the style of this Scandal poster through Final Problem.

T'other night, we were trying to see how many captions we could get for this pic; I'll add the ones we have presently.  Whatever you like is fine, but try not to be too uncouth if you choose Johnlock, please. 

And Anglo Fan Favorites -- didn't we think we were DONE with them??? -- has moved onto Woman of 2012.  Our Lara Pulver is up in the running for Round 1.  Do vote for her!

I suspect that Downton Abbey's Dame Maggie Smith will be sweeping a lot of her competition before her; go, Lady Grantham!  Not sure how well Michelle Dockery will do as Lady Mary Grantham.  We'll see, eh?

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