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Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Johnlock post for my many shipper friends. :)

Because I promised Gita.  :D  So here's the first post; this is too short to be enough, I'm sure.

Amelia's Johnlock moment at the Pool.  Courtesy of Benedict and Andrew's bet.  (... did you think I was making THAT up?  really not... )  And of course we don't talk much, do we?  ;P  More fuel for the shipping fire and also here.

A Martin moment for those in need.  

Present Danger, fan fic for Sherlock's birthday.  (And how did John get Sherlock to tell when his birthday was, I wonder?)

An insight from John about Sherlock in Banker, which of course leads to trouble later.  :)

SPOILERS for Series 2, this paragraph onlyThat bit in the Palace that every shipper loves.  Against that, there's John's constant plaint that no shipper seems to believe.

Today's post mostly brought to you by tumblr.  Thanks for so many links via the lovely SherlockStuff tumblr!

And because it's Benedict's birthday today -- happy 36th birthday, Benedict! -- so we might as well have it now, right?  RadioTimes and many others wish you very happy all over Twitter; Loo Brealey noted that her TL has exploded with them, in fact.  :)  

I can do another post later, when I've restored all my Twitter and tumblr access.  I promise.  Scout's honor!

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