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Saturday, July 7, 2012

No spoilers for once. :)

Benedict pic, as Sherlock shooting A Scandal in BelgraviaThe lads... in studio pic [I don't know who the other is with Benedict].

If you ever wanted to send Benedict fan mail, here's the post address. (Remember:  Do be polite, be kind, and please don't send him anything you wouldn't send your beloved grandmother!)  See advice from the Fabulous Lorraine about Things Not to Send.

Yesterday's fans at Look Back in Anger. People commented on his ability to cry on cue...

Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch 'muscles in' and lands himself a role in The Simpsons.

The next stage in that Holmes brothers fanfic from SherlockCares.  :)  I really loved this one.  Sherlock getting people to do what he wants, mmm, not like he didn't keep that trait, ohhhh no!

Don't forget to vote at Anglo FF for Benedict and Martin!   Martin is doing well in placing Bronze thus far... and Benedict, alas, is behind in the race for Gold. Do help push Benedict ahead, eh?

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