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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

High-octane fanfic.

WARNING:  This is not like my usual posts.  
Also, if you normally don't read erotica, this is possibly not where you want to start.  

Tonight Amelia introduced me to BC fanfic -- yes, that's with Benedict Cumberbatch, not Sherlock.  So here's three that are definitely high-level lust AKA erotica.

The Sound of Your Voice Makes Me Shiver

Something for all you Cumberbitches...

Yet another fantasy for all you Cumberbitches.

And one BC fic that should be a writing prompt.  Because the last paragraph of this fanfic (Day out with Benedict Cumberbatch) turns quite abruptly.  If you thought it was like the others, first, you're wrong... and second, if you could change it, would you?  Would you make an ending like the other three, or not? What would YOU do if you got to change just that?

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