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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Comic-Con: Believe in Sherlock meetup!

Or... Spoilers and fandom gone viral, this. It's all about post-Reichenbach.

Brilliant!  There will be a Believe in Sherlock meetup at the San Diego Comic-Con, per the Baker Street Babes.  I hope someone starts meetups at Dragon*Con and Worldcon 2012, aka Chicon 7... hmmm...

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? :D

If you hadn't got onto the Believe in Sherlock map, you can read about it over at -- and an explanation of what it is. Beware, SPOILERS in that link!

The viral movement stems from the 2012 finale (Reichenbach), so you may NOT want to read the article, and wait until you see all 6 eps.

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