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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Meetups, Loo, BC; Martin and Amanda!

Chicago meetup for Sherlock fans in July!

Seattle is planning a Sherlock 2 screening/mini-convention!  Note that they haven't set a date yet, and want help with that.  :)

Sherlock's Louise Brealey - "I'd write a shocking kiss for Molly and Sherlock; note that this comes from her recent live webchat.  Thanks to the Baker Street Babes for these three links!

Cute Benedict as Sherlock pic [but not anything I've seen in eps, mind you], and another Sherlock poster from the fantastic alicexz: I don't get nearly enough credit...

Martin Freeman will be at Comic-Con!  Here's The Hobbit panel info for 14-July, per Sherlockology. If you haven't submitted anything to the Martin Freeman project, it hasn't got to be a video, and the info is here at the project site.  Deadline is 31-July-12.

And if you can move fast, there's also the Amanda Abbington Project for Martin's lovely wife.  You have until 3-July at 5pm, UK time.  Check for the limitations on other dates.

ETA:  More pics via Sherlock from Scandal [not spoilery]; and 'toons of My Favorite Text Part 1 and Part 2. -- Sorry, forgot to enter these!

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