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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Semifinals ends today; heaps of links!

Four faces of Benedict poster.  Benedict's mug shot.  A pair of Benedict pics from a May 2012 photocall.

A BBC spoof of Sherlock.  

The Great Game moment when Sherlock gives Mycroft this Look.  A Baskerville pose sans spoilers.

Benedict has suggested using Cumberbabes instead of t'other word.  :)  And so the legions say...

This is the really Cumberbatched portion of our program here:  Not a spoilery Sherlock poster (probably from Baskerville) -- but, uh, provocative a la Cumberbatched.  Why Watch BBC poster.  Slices of (9) Benedict picsMaking up Benedict.

Brilliant Sherlock meets the Simpsons poster!  News on Benedict's cameo on the show is here.

Our Mrs. Hudson, Una Stubbs: 'I just think, Oh, I hope I can be good enough'.

Under film spoilers... a trio of The Hobbit images of Martin.

An alternate ending for the pool scene which ends Great Game, the fanfic Sink like a Stone.  Warning:  Much angst!  More (and yet also less) Johnlock than I'd expected.

After this point: Spoilers for season/series 2 until the final paragraph!

A medieval rendering of Reichenbach.  A cut scene [from PBS] after RF:  poor our JohnPoster for the "Believe in Sherlock" movement.

Benedict and Steven Moffat commenting on Irene Adler with Sherlock... or, Mercy poster.

A nice Redbubble poster to cheer you up, mixing quotes from both seasons. 

If you're still awake, wherever you are, this is the last effort for the Anglo FF Semifinals.  Benedict is about 13% ahead of Martin as of this writing. Less than 8 hours left of the poll to go!

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