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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Mostly visuals; Semifinals close soon!

A crossover 'toon of Doctor Who with Sherlock

Benedict, smiling and posing in a nice suit, and wearing sunglasses while [of course] smiling.

Sherlock at the end of Great Game.  And Benedict at PBS event in NYC.

A Holmes brothers fanfic from SherlockCares.  :)  Plus a screen caption.

An older interview [March 2012] Benedict Cumberbatch: I've been fighting doing Dracula.

After this point: Spoilers for season/series 2 until the final paragraph!

What Sherlock owes JohnWhat Sherlockians need to do until 2013 poster.

Another pre-Baskerville shot on the Tube [cosplay].

Have you been voting in the semifinals?  It seems people have one of two reactions -- to vote for their favorite, either Sherlock/Benedict or John/Martin, or to vote for both and try to force a tie!  Let's see which works, shall we?  Remember that the Anglo FF poll closes Thursday, July 5 at 11 am ET.

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