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Monday, May 21, 2012

The Sherlock candy, etc.

(Originally posted at AZ Shea 21-May-2012.) Amused. Having so much fun with the other Sherlockians!  Really want those cut scenes of BBC Sherlock/PBS version, but that's another post. 

Monday May 21, 2012 1:49 Eastern; PBS live chat.

Shawna: Have you worked out how senseless John is going to throttle Sherlock when he discovers he's not dead?

Steven Moffat: Wait and see.

Monday May 21, 2012 3:04 Eastern; Guardian live chat.

Mark Gatiss: Yes. As a nice surprise for our US fans, I can exclusively reveal that Sherlock faked his death by
Mark Gatiss: Oh God! We're out of time!

Full goodbye here.

Ah, the glee! :)

Lots of Sherlock links. Seems easier than cut-n-paste on Twitter. Also, I shouldn't like for my non-addicted friends to kill me. I imagine they're feeling that way.

If you really want a blueprint of HOW The Final Problem worked, try here. Lovely.

My most favorite Sherlock blogger, MK Hey. In-depth focus, well written, a balm to the lonely Sherlockian heart.  I call them the Sherlock candy.  (Website no longer works as of July 2013, sadly.)  Sweet, tasty, thought-provoking, wonderful -- I could go on and on!

Other Sherlock posts or series I'm fond of: Moniqueblog's Sherlock recaps; Flick Filosopher's Scandal, Baskerville, and Reichenbach. More to come later, I'm sure., of course, has the three eps -- love the Reichenbach post especially! and one of the missing images/cut scenes is shown in that same post.  But also the believe in Sherlock movement.  How cool is that??  Fans expressing belief in our Sherlock, supporting John -- all going VIRAL.  Which I discovered early [after Scandal?] and find enthralling.  

That moment when Sherlock is afraid of his bluff being called? Yes, that expression. Also a very fannish adoration moment. Mycroft, you are such a rat-bastard. :/

Living with Sherlock... a brief pictorial moment.  Per indiewire: Benedict as the greatest Sherlock ever? Since he's Our Sherlock, I'd say yes, being biased and all. :D

And because everybody needs a funny poster, here's a variety pack, ranging from Harry Potter to Sherlock and Star Wars. :)

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