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Thursday, May 24, 2012

The show... And also Benedict.

Thanks to all the folks I've been meeting through Twitter and blogs who are Sherlockians too. This is so much fun! I love sharing an obsession.

In case you hadn't guessed, yes, I am Sherlocked. :D Aren't you??

A mix of Sherlock links and a few on Benedict Cumberbatch. (You know how New Scotland Yard isn't on the drug squad, but are very keen. Yes, well -- very keen on Benedict. Ahem.)

Benedict Cumberbatch really does have a cool name. :) Despite what he may think. TV Tropes agrees; he even has his own page there. I'm not sure what one must do to get your own TV Tropes page, but that boggles my mind. They've got some great links there.

There is a Benedict Cumberbatch Appreciation Society website. Of course. I found it while hunting quotes for The Great Game. I like reading the quotes en masse. :D

I'm not usually into fanfic, but I asked Google "Sherlock did you save Irene?" and got this: Goodbye, Irene.

I have mixed feelings about the ending of Scandal -- not about Irene.

Broken link: A poster from @Stephanie_MDWho summing up John right now.  :(

Den of Geek reviews Reichenbach.

Another website with lots of Sherlock links, I love the caption on this post.

But this, oh, this! Sherlock Holmes Is Not a Psychopath, Anderson I watched it three times in a row, and oh-mi-god, I want to watch it again. The best part is circa 1:12... it's full of wonderful, but I don't remember that bit -- possibly a cut scene, or simply because it's Been So Long! since 2010.

Planet Claire has quotes for all eps. Selected quotes by characters, first time I've seen that. Handy. :]

Discovering Sherlock: The Final Problem
. I also posted this same link to Twitter, the evening that Reichenbach Fall aired in the US.

Okay, this is plenty for tonight.

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