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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sherlock links today...

(Originally posted at AZ Shea 22-May-2012.)

BBC America's Reichenbach recap. Some really fine pictures in that link.

I was informed during a nice Twitter convo that BBC America was still around. It made me wonder if that was a way to get BBC Sherlock without the PBS cut versions. I still don't know the answer.

Baffled as to how ------ faked death... it is a bit surreal that people freaked out about the full headline. I'm all for not spoiling things; still, the first battle at Reichenbach Falls was over a century ago!

Maybe that's the difference between people who read Arthur Conan Doyle before Sherlock came out, and those who might -- even now -- be reading the original stories.

I'm not saying everyone has to read them. Gods, no. I read probably half the ACD stories as a kid. I devoured every mystery I could lay hands on, actually. I've reread some since Sherlock appeared to devour my psyche. :D

Anyway, the Daily Mail has some good points. Physics is a problem with authors, and using Hollywood as one's research [or understanding] is a problem sometimes when I'm editing. Particularly when I know something that I don't know how to properly articulate, about biology, or whatever.

Or choreography, come to think of it -- the way Hollywood makes things look, how they stage things, when IRL they never would have looked that way.

Interesting take on Sherlock as a kind of costume drama/revamp. This line, wow: "Cumberbatch plays Sherlock as messenger from the old Greek classical plays."

A bit of creepy insights on Moriarty (and Sherlock) from the writers and Andrew Scott. Gatiss: "Like a lost soul who no longer knows what he is. That sense of an empty human being with something dark and terrible inside him, Andrew can do like no one else." Brrrrr!

Also, if anyone can explain the pink wafers, I haven't figured them out; they must be in a cut scene. :/

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