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Friday, May 25, 2012

A clutch of links.

Did you really think I'd run out of links? Of course not. Bite your tongue. ;d

How many millions of Sherlock fans are there? I don't know. Whoever does -- definitively, and not guessing -- must be in some severe shock.

House of Darkly -- bless you! -- has the same idea (suspicion?) I did about the gun, but expresses it far more elegantly and in more detail. A. Darkly, you have no idea how appreciative I am. Truly.

Diane Duane ponders some of the problems Sherlock will face After The Fall. Had you thought of them yet? I hadn't gotten past the bullets, myself.

She's on Twitter as @dduane. If you read about the Black Armbands before now, that's hers too. Diane's one of my favorite authors. =happy=

Also, if you saw this tumblr before Diane's previous post, well, I did not know it was based on Martin showing Benedict tumblr. O symmetry!

It should be frightening that my first play of the "Your Sherlock personality is" quiz got Moriarty. I just cracked up. I'm betting a certain answer is the key. :D But third try got me Sherlock. Second was Mycroft. Hmmm... possibly it's just an algorithm. Ahem.

Ohhh, and here's a lovely explanation of Sherlock -- the show and the phenomenon * -- as well. Go read it. It's not what you think it is, and to the unabashed fan/maven/addict, maybe you knew this in exactly these words already. Maybe... not. Like John with Sherlock, I am fast running out of good superlatives!

ETA: * I.e., that word I try not to use, Cumberbitch, but added here as a keyword; I prefer Cumberladies.

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