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Thursday, May 24, 2012

What's first?

I was thinking we ought to have a poll running -- possibly taking bets, for that matter! -- about what John does first upon Sherlock's return.

The absolute first thing when Sherlock walks in the door.

Y'know: punch Sherlock [in the face, of course], sucker punch in stomach, hug, shake him until he rattles, rant like mad, shout, weep, make faces of shock, shout something, knock him down, throw something, tell him off....

I forgot one: go frozen, like a man seeing things, and probably absolutely white. (God, Sherlock, if you make John faint, I shall never forgive you.)

You can see that I'm more predisposed to violence myself. There's a reason for that. :D Parents, loved ones, dear friends -- they tend to react strongly in stressful situations. Like when you think your kid sister/partner/little boy has gone missing.

I think caffienekitty, bless her, has got the winning KO. Go down to "You were wrong. It wasn't in the sugar. You got it wrong." for Baskerville, part 2. That is the right move.

John knows Sherlock so well. I wonder if that's how he and his quick temper will respond?

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