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Saturday, February 4, 2017

S4: Miss me?

Beware, s4 spoilers below! and thus links only.

I have created new tags for eps 1-3: Thatchers, TLD, TFP.

If you haven't seen the show yet, stop reading now.  I mask spoilers, as always -- and later on, I'll post the setlock I meant to wrap up with.  But this is the SPOILER ZONE.  Watch your step!

Note that Sherlockology has spoiler-free s4 reviews that may screw up your watching any ep the first time (ep 1 and ep 3, but not ep2) and so I do NOT RECOMMEND that you read those either. Just go watch s4 first.

Thanks to Radio Times, etc. :)

A very little about the maybes of season 5... so yeah, expect it to be just there to tease you [MOFFTISS].

How the creators hid [redacted] in ep 2.  Loo, our darling, disagrees with Steven's take on Molly in ep 3... Steven was interviewed at EW about the s4 finale.

How they made Toby Jones look like that via Claire... funny how just a little work can achieve so much!

Sherlockology's spoilery reviews of ep 1, ep 2, and ep 3.

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