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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

More s4 reviews...

I should warn you that these contain spoilers -- AND that many are not flattering.

And I hadn't even discovered "The most furiously outraged critics" either!

The Daily Dot on The Six Thatchers, ep 1.  The Guardian on The Final Problem, ep 3.

Vox reviews ep 3, the finale, and wonders if this is the last ep.  IndieWire gives us ‘Sherlock’ Review: ‘The Final Problem’ Proves to Be A Problematic Season Finale (and sadly ‘Sherlock’ Star Amanda Abbington On Playing Newlyweds With Martin Freeman After Their Real-Life Split).

I hadn't known Martin and Amanda separated.  :(

Digital Spy saw good and bad in ep 4, and doesn't pull its punches saying so.  They also point out that the Molly scene was a last-minute addition -- and that only they liked the original scene.

The AV Club headline was The frustrating, brilliant Sherlock stays frustrating right to the end.  I think that sums s4 up nicely, and the entire show for that matter.  :b  YMMV.

AV Club also felt that Six Thatchers was "unsatisfying" and that [redacted] is "a pure, undiluted plot device" -- agreed!  Their headline for The Lying Detective is just as spot-on: Sherlock observes, but doesn’t see, in a thrilling but overcrowded episode.

Not sure if I posted this already, but I enjoyed reading Martin Freeman on Sherlock, politics and why he’s not on Twitter over at Financial Times -- and how weird is it that they did that interview???  Sherlock and Team SH are everywhere!  :D

Per Digital Spy, a shred of possibility exists for a Sherlock s5...

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