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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Late May into June: setlock.

And here's Ruther's storify, part 8 and part 9, which ends May setlock.

(His part 10 storify just began on 5-June-2016, and yeah, I began this post around then!)

Part 11 is up -- and apparently so is part 16!  Yes, you read that right.  Here's part 12, part 13, part 14, and part 15.

I have not read them all (I just began reading 12, in fact).  I can't speak for the goodies you'll find inside.  So I'm about a week behind on setlock for now.  :b

For those of you keeping track of birthdays, Benedict's is 19-July.  I have some of Team Sherlock's birthdays scattered around the blog here, but nothing too current, I'm afraid.  Apologies.

For more on week 9 setlock, there's speculation, i.e., trying to figure out the weird scenes via We Love the Beekeeper.  (That tumblr's master list of setlock speculation posts here.)  Final Problem has speculation on combining part of setlock with canon.

Students trying to revise while at university, and who comes to film?  You got it!

Another student's experience here.

Cultbox has Everything we know so far about S4 AND who Toby Jones will be playing in s4 -- some definite spoilers!

Beryl Vertue mentioned the new villain in passing, but no spoilers about his role.  The article has pictures of her getting her OBE, but doesn't say that (except in the caption!).

And in case you'd missed some of the fun speculation on Reichenbach/Hearse, Final Problem has it for you.  There's the Lazarus continuity issue from 2014 and the Ghost and the Kebab.  Plus, there's a Venn diagram for s3.

I can't believe Moffat and Mark actually used this fan fic name either -- there are limits to honoring early fic writers -- so I'm glad Final Problem feels as I do.

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