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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Music and art; also one fanfic.

I was looking for the fourth pip in Great Game, because I wanted a quote from a certain scene, which was the start of this fanfic

A gorgeous Sherlock pic, which I can't quite place. A black-and-white Benedict pic [makes me think of Look Back in Anger, hmm].  Funny fan art of John and Sherlock. A double serving of Batch, all ginger-hairedSherlock looking down and away from camera.

The Sherlock cake of glory.  Is it not lovely?

And another lovely thing, a fan vid called Sherlock // fix you, with music by Coldplay.  Be warned that it may make you cry, it keeps doing that to me. 

Benedict talks about The Hobbit, including a video clip; same link has that cute pic of him hanging over the scene slate [clapper board?]. :)

Spoilers for season/series 2 through end of post!

Ever wondered what people saw before Baskerville started?  THIS.

A likeness of The Woman.  And a Scandal poster, on the couch in the palace.

More Johnlock, in the form of one of my very favorite Nine Inch Nails songs.  I want to dance to this vid, I can see that the creator[s] worked hard to make this shippery, but... still not convinced.  Also, the parts from those eps -- their real in-show context -- juxtaposed with this very explicit song make the vid even funnier to me.  

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