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Saturday, July 28, 2012

More swag.

Huzzah, RedBubble, for you make me want to go shopping... (in fact, I have a full cart of stickers now!)

(Ben)addict -- Bandersnatch Cummerbund -- all the deductions (about John) from Study -- describing Benedict -- I've Just Been CumberBATCHed.

A bit of a tease on Mycroft

From Great Game: Dear Jim (a very clever variation) 

SPOILER ZONE, mostly but not entirely Reichenbach.  Expect angst!

Two scarf versions of Believe in Sherlock, one with blue roses -- Scandal image: in the morgue scene -- Mycroft's line applied to the Fall.

Another "I Believe" that has all the taglines -- Sherlockian in grief -- Richard Brook IS -- still recovering from RF alert (funny!) -- not funny, Anderson! -- right before the Fall image with "I Believe in Sherlock".

And of course:  My Best Friend Went to Reichenbach and...

LOTS of quotes from JohnSeason two art.

Doing a search for Benedict Cumberbatch stickers; do note that there ARE spoilers because it ranges across all episodes.

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