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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Fan art of all the eps; why not?

Cumberbatched:   Ben taking the time to wish Caitlyn happy birthday.  In a beret, a smiling Batch signing.  I'm bringing SexyBatch.

Most of this is s2, sometimes mixed with s1 -- so here's the spoiler zone:

Sherlock and John -- friends forever photoset/poster.

Sherlocked:  "Everybody after watching Sherlock..."  Beautiful ethereal Sherlock.  A different variation on that same theme.

Trek spoiler zone.  Not very spoilery nor funny, but it is 2013 Trek:  AngryBatch from STID.  "Shall we begin?"

Cabin Pressure spoilers if you haven't heard this eps (as I have not):  CabinLock:  a mashup of Sherlock gifs with Cabin Pressure.  Like you do.

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