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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Emmys aftermath, Mycroft, Molly... and Bond?

HEAPS of pics from Emmys.  Team Sherlock arriving. Martin Freeman is not here for that.  Our boys, mugging for the camera.  :)  Nice close-up.  "My sweet Benedict" and the hug.

Fan posters...  From the Emmys:  My Watson.  Not Sherlock.  Badass Martin and Crieff-y Benedict.

Cumberbatched moments:  Midday Cumberfix.  At the Emmys tea party.  How can people find Benedict NOT gorgeous?  Sitting next to Benedict.

Sherlock snippets:  Looking out the window (TGG).

The spoiler zone of season 2 (and maybe season 3)!  

Mycroft as the more clever Holmes:  Why he is much better than his brother believes.

Keep Calm... Mycroft poster.  

One Molly-oriented fan vid, which I found today: you do count | sherlock bbc by deductism.  =awwwws=  Feels alert!  I also drew a heart by this one.  :)

Rumors!  Benedict as the next Bond villain.  (I thought you said no more franchises, Benedict, you...)  New interview at HuffPo with Benedict via CumberbatchFans.

Totally OT -- or is it?  An image (of The Cat) pinched from The Norwood Builder's tumblr, who suggests that Sherlock is a fan of Poe.  Isn't it lovely?

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